Launch of Family Tree Construction

Welcome to Family Tree Construction! My name is Pam Broviak, and I am starting this site as a place to share the general information I learn as I navigate through the records of time. Although I’ve been interested in genealogy since our third grade teacher tasked us with finding out our nationalities, I really started researching the genealogy of my family in earnest about 14 or 15 years ago. At the time I was co-editing the sesquicentennial book for our community, and we wanted to add a section in the back where people could include family histories so I subscribed to and away I went. Since that time, I’ve expanded my genealogy research on my parent’s lines, who are actually my adoptive parents, and I’ve managed to find my biological parents and begin building their trees along with my husband’s family tree.

A few years ago I started a site to document some of our family research at Broviak Family Blog.┬áSo if you discover we are related in any way, you’ll probably find more specific information on my family history over there. I usually discuss all of my trees – adoptive, bio, and marital. And if we are related, make sure to send me an email! I’ve been fortunate to discover many wonderful relatives over the years.

In addition to researching my own families, I have over the years researched many other families and written family histories for them. This has allowed me to expand my skills so that I now have experience in researching U.S., Polish, English, Scottish, Italian, Slovakian/Hungarian, and German records. My research philosophy is to take full advantage of online records, but if possible to also run down hard copies of records if they are not available online. I also believe in the importance of traveling to the local courthouse and the properties and cemeteries where people I am researching have lived. The information and background that can be discovered by visiting these places in person simply cannot be captured online, at least not at this time.

Finally, I am also very interested in discovering new methods of research, organization, documentation, and analysis. So I enjoy reading other genealogy blogs and articles, watching shows like Who Do You Think You Are?, and attending genealogy seminars and conferences.

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