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Hello and welcome to Family Tree Construction! My name is Pam Broviak, and I am a genealogist along with being a writer/editor, and civil engineer. I’ve been interested in genealogy since childhood, but was always challenged with creating my own family tree because of being adopted. After eventually successfully finding my birthfamily, I have been able to build trees along my adoptive, biological, and marital lines. Over the years I’ve also helped others with discovering their family treesĀ and have written several family histories.

Most of my work directly related to my family is posted over on the Broviak Family Blog. I started this blog site in early 2015 so that I would have a place to share and explore more general genealogy knowledge with the community. Also, the site allows me to eventually have a place to offer and market my genealogy and family history services.

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  1. Hi, Pam. I was doing my family tree and was looking for information on Ubrez, Slovakia (ancestral home of my paternal grandfather’s sister-in-law) when I happened on your site. I enjoyed reading what you posted and can appreciate the effort it represents. Her name was Elizabeth Maciz and she was married to Michael Zias. My grandfather, John Zias (Americanized surname), and his wife, Suzana Hvizdcsak, were from Vysny Hrusov, Slovakia (about 18 miles NNW by air from Ubrez). All 4 immigrated to the USA sometime in the 1890s. I’d like to know what the original spelling of Zias might be and would appreciate any tips you might be able to provide. Thanks.

    1. Hi David
      I apologize for replying so late – for some reason my email for this site was not working, and I just realized you had commented. Luckily the records for that village are online at this link on Family Search: https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/758501?availability=Family%20History%20Library. If you knew the birth years and years of marriages for your family, we could try to find them in the records.

      Something I noticed at least in my family from that area was that they seemed to show up in records in multiple places in the area. I’m not sure if it was because some villages only had Greek Catholic while others had Roman Catholic churches so they went to the village with the type of church they wanted.

      There is a family name of Hvizsgyak which married my 2nd ggrandfather’s sister. That name looks similar to the Hvizdcsak in your family.

      Sadly for me, they took the records from Ubrez offline so now I can only view them if I go to Salt Lake City.

  2. Pam, Thank you so much for your reply. I just noticed it yesterday (8-23-18) and used the link you posted to search Slovakia birth records …. and I think I found my grandfather/grandmother … Jan (with accent mark above the ‘a’) Zajac and Zuzanna Hvizdak. Zuzanna (known by us as Suzanna or Susan) was baptised in 1872 in town of Maskovce, Slovakia which is only ~ 2.5 miles from what we believe is the birthplace of my grandfather. We have her down as being born on 12/25/1871, so baptism in early 1872 makes sense. They also had a son, Jan Zajac, born in 1891 which matches my family records for my uncle John. I’m trying to find more info on my grandfather, Jan Zajac, such as who his parents were, but so far no luck. Will keep trying. Again, Thank You for your help! … David Zias

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