Norris Dam

Visiting with Isaac Wilson – The Norris Dam Relocation Surveys

The other day I stumbled upon an amazing find on – the Tennessee Valley, Family Removal and Population Readjustment Case Files, 1934-1953. For years I’ve accessed the cemetery relocation records, but never realized the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) also documented relocations of living families. I imagine being forced to move from the only home these people ever knew was probably traumatic. However,…

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A Dangerous Time to be Alive

In the study of family history, one aspect of life I have become aware of in the mid-1800s to mid-1900s is the frequency of accidental death and the transparent reporting of the details. For example, I found an article in the Chicago Tribune from July 28, 1903, noting the following accidental deaths in Chicago since January of that year: 623 people died in fires…

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Map of address noted in documents related to the Anton Washkowiak family.

Mapping the Ancestral Home

It all started with a simple question: When did Anton Washkowiak die? I looked in all the obvious places: the social security death index, the church death records, the church cemetery index. Nothing. Sure he was born in 1863, but I still didn’t think it would be that hard to find out when he died. I had figured out the dates of death…

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Ubrez Area - 2nd Military Survey 1800s, site

The Ancestral Landscape

In trying to better understand the life of my ancestors, I usually study maps from different time periods of the area in which they lived. Knowing how the landscape changed over time can offer clues to choices the family made such as relocating or marrying someone from another village. I also like to have this background information in case I ever…

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My Genealogy Do-Over

Organizing Genealogy Books

Since the first week of Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do-Over covers organization, I decided to start by organizing all my genealogy books. As I collected them throughout the house and placed them in one bookcase, I decided it was probably also a good idea to create an inventory of them. That way, I would always know which books I have already…

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Launch of Family Tree Construction

Welcome to Family Tree Construction! My name is Pam Broviak, and I am starting this site as a place to share the general information I learn as I navigate through the records of time. Although I’ve been interested in genealogy since our third grade teacher tasked us with finding out our nationalities, I really started researching the genealogy of my…

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